Start with a professionally designed blog. Write articles, share affiliate links, show Ads on your Blog etc. Grow your business.

What is Blog?

A blog is a website where you can write about interesting topics. It is filled with interesting topics which your customers might like. Usually it also contains photograohs, videos and links to other interesting websites.

BLog Design
BLog Design

Why do I need a blog?

Nowadays, it is essential to have a blog to get traffic from Search engines like google. It is also important to showcase and share your knowledge with the world. Having a blog about interesting things can further increase the bond between your business and your customers.

Technologies we Use

Front End




It completely depends on your requirements. It can take from several days to a few weeks to get a finished product developed. It can also depend on the type of different pages you want.

At TeraMars Technologies we make sure to deliver you your finished product very fast.

Yes, of course. Our developers make sure that we use the technologies which work on all type of devices including android phones, Iphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Our websites are fully responsive, meaning that they are customized for all devices.


It completely depends on your requirements. Some options cost lesser and work good, some are a little expensive but are more robust to handle many customers at once. Give us a call and we can discuss about what will suit you the best.


Yes. Our web developers are experts in doing so. Give us a call and we can discuss


We can work wih many payment gateways such as RazorPay, CashFree, Paypal, PayTM etc. Just let us know your requirements?


We provide free support to you for 3 months

  • We check your website performance.
  • If you need backup of your site we provide it free of cost.
  • Site submission to Google search Console.
  • If your customers face any problems while using the site we rectify it free of cost.

We do provide hosting also. Depending on your requirements you can choose from a windows server or a linux server. You will need to buy your own domain. Which costs about $10/ Year. We can always help you find a good domain name. If you have already have a domain, we can use that also free of cost.


You will be able to do it yourself. We will guide you on how to add new pages. If you face any trouble adding new content to your website, we are just 1 call away.