SWOT analysis that helps us define a marketing plan for your business

What involves Competition Analysis?

The first step is to pinpoint exactly who your direct online competitors are, in what regions, and what keywords they’re using. Using our proprietary software, we analyze hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords and phrases and scrub tens of thousands of websites to unquestionably establish your direct competition.

Android Apps

Android Apps

How we do it?

We take the essential competitor data gathered in the identification process to dig deeper into the companies with whom you compete. We examine where, why and how they’re making conversions, what types of content creation consistently boosts traffic, and how your competition’s buying personas align with your strategy.

Our Process

We perform analysis on competitor's digital presence and evaluate their strategies to determine strengths and weaknesses relative to your brand. A competitive analysis often includes a complete SWOT analysis that helps us define a marketing plan for your business.

Steps involved

  1. Defining Competitors
  2. Product Summary
  3. Competitor strengths and weaknesses
  4. The strategies used by each competitor to archieve their objectives
  5. The overall market outlook.

Kind of competitors

There are many types of direct and indirect competitors.

  • Direct competitors: - These are companies offering the same service or products as you in the same geographical area – targeting the same audience and serving the same needs.
  • Indirect competitors: - These are companies who offer the same, or similar, services and products to you in the same area, but who are serving a different need or purpose or targeting a different audience.