What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the type of social media Marketing where a person followed and trusted by many individuals endorses your brand because he believes in your product.

Influencer Marketing is an effective type of strategy because it has the potential to make your product viral. Usually the ROI(Return on your investment) is also good . It only works when the influencer is able to convince his/her followers that your product is actually useful.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

How can TeraMars help us?

We have partnered with many influencers on youtube, instagram and facebook who are willing to endorse a good product. We negotiate the rates for you, so you don't have to worry about over paying.

How does it work?

Create Campaign

Simply start by discussing about your brand and your objectives. At TeraMars our team will guide you about setting realistic objectives.

Discover Influencers

We will contact the influencers we have screened previously and discuss with them about your objectives. We will also contact some new influencers who we belive would suit you. We will also negotiate the rates with them.

See the results

Once you close the deal, your job is done. The influencer will produce the desired results. Our special tracking software will track the results for you.

Get ahead of your competition.

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We are trying to make influencer marketing in India cost effective and valuable for the brands.

Influencer marketing has been around in countries like U.S and U.K. for a few years now. It has proven out to be very nice for the brands time after time. In India though it's a fairly new concept. Brands are unaware about the strategies they can use to make the influencer generate high number of leads.

We have a full process to contact and negotiate with the influencers to make sure that you get the best deal. When the brand approaches an influencer themselves influencers are more likely to charge high price for their service. Because of our work we are constantly in touch with different influencers and we have build a relationship with them, they are likely to qoute us the best price possible for you.

When you are doing the work yourself, tracking the response and engagement will also be a problem for you. Our tracking process works in different ways. We try to track all the kinds of engagements possible and give you the summarized results.

If you are interested in promoting your product through our network, please contact us.

Our Services


We carefully analyze your industry and suggest you the best influencers possible for your product or service.


We negotiate with the influencers on your behalf. Depending on your marketing budget not every influencer will be suitable for you.

Content Creation

We create the content which will be best suitable for your business and get it approved by you.

Select Platform

Not every platform is for everyone. Youtube video endorsement may be excellent for some products but it may not be effective for some other products. Selecting the right platform is an important step.


We showcase and discuss about your product with the influencer and if they are convinced with the quality we are able to proceed further.


We monitor the engagements produced by the shout out by the influencers. This is a crucial step because, you need to measure the success of your campaign.