Strategy that makes your business visible on google's page 1 results.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy that makes your business visible on google's page 1 results. Let's say you are a distributor in a particular city in India, that means you don't need to be shown in searches done in New York.

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

How can TeraMars help?

Our team will analyze your website, do on page and off page optimizations for your site. If you are a car battery seller in a city, we will make sure that when someone searches for the term Car Battery Sellers in your city , your website shows up on page 1 of google.

Why do i need local SEO?

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Most people in today's digital age search for a new thing they want to buy. Shops and businesses that are located on main roads are usually visible to their customers. But the businesses that are not so much visible to the customers are left behind.

In earlier days, people used to ask their family and friends before buying a product, because they didn't know from where to buy.

Now anything is just a google search away. When a customer searches for a product or a service online they will usually find what they are looking for on page one of google. If a business is not listed on page 1 of google that business is virtually non-existant.

Having a strong online presence can give you customers from all over the city. If you do not have an online presence you are basically loosing a lot of potential customers.

Since it is pretty hard to get on page 1 of google, the businesses that are able to get to the top are ones that get benefitted a lot.

TeraMars Technologies can help you achieve that goal within a few weeks.

Many new businesses start and it is very important for you to get ahead of your competition.

How we can help?

On Page Seo

We analyze your website and perform the necessary steps to change your content to be more SEO optimized.

Off Page Seo

We create your presence on other websites which belong to your industry. In that way we increase your chances of being seen by google as a potentially good website. It drastically increases your ranking on google and other search engines.

Link Building

We submit your website links on many other websites so that your ranking increases. Also you will be able to get more clients from other sources as well.