What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing is the type of social media Marketing where we use Instagram to promote your brand. Instagram is a good place where a lot of youngsters hang out. Having a strong customer base around instagram will be beneficial for your business.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

How can TeraMars help us?

Our team will create wonderful content for your company which will be useful to your customers and in turn they will follow you more and become more loyal to your brand. Having good following on instagram will increase your brand reputation.

Facebook's Younger brother isn't a kid anymore

Increase Awareness

Catch the attention of best influencers on Instagram.

Effective Conversions

Send interested customers to your website for purchase or app downloads.

Build loyality

Increase customer loyality and customer base with interesting content for your customers.

Enhance your brand's image with Instagram

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According to recent surveys only about 37% of people are on instagram. But of those users about 50% of them login at least once per day, which is a huge engaged audience.

What's even better for businesses around the globe is that these users don't mind seeing content from businesses as long as it is informative and it is visually good looking.

The other reason businesses love to advertise on instagram is because of it's mobile friendly format. It means that the whole attention of the user is on the screen that they see. Without any other distraction on the screen, you have their undivided attention to showcase your products or services.

Instagram is known for aesthetically pleasing content. Most users usually come to see trending memes on the internet, informational content, small videos etc. It is one of the best places on the internet to see what is new in the world.

If you are not showcasing on instagram, you are probably just letting those potential customers to your competitors.

Why do you need a dedicated team for instagram marketing?

Just like facebook, instagram makes it very easy for anyone to upload and edit a photo, but on the other hand it is actually very difficult to come up with the content that your potential clients would love.

This also means that users on instagram are used to high quality content. An average content quality is not good enough for your users.

Users are very intelligent they can easily spot that a peice of content has simply been copied from some other instagram handles. This will create a negative impression on your customers.

With a dedicated team you can leave the process of high quality content creation that gets more following to the team.

This is where TeraMars Technologies comes in. We will frequently post quality content on your behalf. You can focus on your business and our business is to grow your business.

We will not only monitor your channel and get you the best results but we will also monitor the latest trends, and tune the content so as to make your content stand out from the crowd.

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Our Services


We analyze your content carefully and find out what's working for you and what's not. SOme posts may result in a high following and high engagement, while some other posts users may not like. It is very important to create content tailored for your users.

Identify your Audience

Instagram has a wide variety of audience. Some products are suitable only for young and middle aged women, while some othe products might only be suitable for retired men and women. It is very important to focus on these individuals to get maximum sales and revenue.

Content Creation

It is the most important part of the process. Evryday a lot is happening in your industry. Dynamics of every industry changes over time. It is highly important to bring the right content for your customers. The more they like your content, the more likely are they to buy from you.

Paid Ads

When you have very little customer base it can be helpful to run paid ads to get to large audience. Paid ads can be highly rewarding if they are done right. Many companies spend a lot of money in order to get customers, but if done in an effective way it can be very effective.


We not only post on your behalf but also we resond to your customers in order to get high engagement. If the customers get a response from the company they become more loyal to your brand. They will always give your company higher priority compared to your competitiors when making their next buying decision.


We will create different campaigns strategies in order to get the most out of instagram for your business. Simply posting content without any strategy can be of little use for your brand. But having a strategy tailored to your brand can be very beneficial for your brand.