7 Social Media Platforms that are best for your business with advantages and disadvantages

Social media branding has become very important in 2021. Especially with the pandemic going on the customers are searching for online solutions. Having an online presence can be very effective in getting new business locally or online. There are numerous social media platforms to choose from, not all platforms will suit your business needs. Each platform has some advantages if used effectively.
So, Which social media platform should I focus on?

It is a great question but first, you need to think about what type of products/services you offer. For example, if you are a lawyer looking for new clients - the money or time you will be spending on social media platforms depends on the type of law you practice. If your speciality is in family law, child custody disputes, property grievances then Facebook or Instagram Marketing will be an effective solution for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for corporate clients you don't have to waste time and energy on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube would be better options for you. It completely depends on the type of clients you want and where do they usually hang out. Listed below are some of the best social media platforms which can serve you well in 2021 for effective digital marketing.


Social Media Platforms in 2021

Facebook — 2.5+ billion Users Worldwide

Facebook is the biggest of all the social media networks. It has the highest number of active users worldwide. On Facebook, you will find people of all races, genders, age groups, income groups and all type of business owners.
The main advantage of Facebook is the diversity of users it has. It can be very useful if you know who your customers are.
The disadvantage of using Facebook is that because of so many types of users it has, it is very difficult to focus on your core user base, also many types of clients such as enterprise owners do not spend much time on Facebook making it not very effective for B2B businesses.


Twitter — Over 180 million Users

Twitter is second to none when it comes to daily user engagement. Twitter is very effective when it comes to sharing links across the internet. The Tweet length restriction makes it very interesting for its users.
The users tweeting about something have to make sure to write only short and effective content and to not write stories.
Twitter can be very useful if you want to build authority as a leader in your area. 
The advantage of Twitter is it can be very useful in making an online brand. The disadvantage of Twitter is that because it is full of amazing and interesting content it can bring you some traffic but not many sales.


Instagram — 1.1+ billion Users

This social media giant is also owned by Facebook. It is mostly used by the young audience. It is the trendier and hipper brother of Facebook. It can be used to create brand awareness and get new insights into ongoing trends. Compared to other social networks ads here are much cheaper and effective.
The main advantage of Instagram is that because the audience is comparatively young, you can create a brand impression and get long term customers. The disadvantage is that because it is mostly visual, you have to get your message across very fast and with great photos.
The attention span of the users can be very less if you use too much text because it is full of amazing visual content.

YouTube —  2+ billion Users

It is one of the largest sources of user-generated content on the internet. Youtube can be great if you know how to create effective videos. It can be very helpful if you need to generate a tutorial for your product or service. Since its beginning, in mid-2000s Youtube has become not only an entertainment hub but an educational hub also. With a little creative skill and camera skills you can demonstrate your products or services effectively. If you do not know how to make creative videos for ads, we can help you with creating  youtube ads and thumbnails.

Reddit — 1+ billion users

Reddit is a great platform not just for marketing but for doing market research as well. Because of the restrictions in Reddit rules, it is almost impossible to post links and advertise your business, but it can be an effective tool in subtly letting the users know that you exist and creating content around that. It can be very advantageous to get honest feedback about your product or service if used wisely.


Medium — 150+ million Users

It is not a social network in the strict sense, but it is a blogging platform. Businesses across the world post valuable content on medium. You can also use Medium to post links to your website along with great content.
The advantage of Medium is that people that visit medium are mostly sales and marketing related and it is a good idea to present your products/service to them in a good way.
The only disadvantage is that when posting a blog on Medium you are giving your content to someone else rather than posting it on your blog.